Dear South Jersey Intergroup,

On a snowy Saturday, Jan. 7th, we had a great discussion at our Intergroup meeting. As a follow up to some of the things discussed, please see below for more information on:

1) World Service Announcement of OA’s Official Facebook Page (see below) 1a) Issuance of the Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World – you can find it here – or download the PDF (OA Guidelines for Anonymity)


If you could do just one thing for your meeting, what would it be? How about more members? Help make it happen by submitting an entry into OA’s first Public Information Poster Competition. Download PDF of the PI Poster Contest flyer for more details.

LIFELINE Magazine now has its own webpage! Register on and get immediate access to hundreds of stories of real recovery from Lifeline magazine. Plus, you can read on your smart phone, tablet, or computer, just like your favorite websites!

Check out OA’s new social media platform to attract newcomers and inform the Fellowship! Visit our new, official OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS FACEBOOK PAGE.

To join,click: Then, “Like” our page. Or, login to and type @OFFICIALOVEREATERSANONYMOUS in the search bar or in Messenger.
Then, click the “Like” button at the top of the page.
With each “Like,” the number of page followers goes up and helps carry the message to the still-suffering overeater searching for a solution.

2) We also passed around the 4th Quarter Step Ahead WSO newsletter and the 2017 Courier (written by professionals for us to give to professionals as part of Outreach). If you click on the links you’ll be able to download both the PDF files.

Please let me know if you have any questions and see you at our next Intergroup meeting on Saturday, Feb. 4th. All meetings are asked to send a representative, and visitors are welcome!

Have a blessed abstinent day!

Bob L. 856-685-0019

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Download the PDF of The Stepping Stone Online (Color) or The Stepping Stone Online (Black & White) for printing hard copies to share at your meetings with OA Fellows and newcomers.

Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition

OA’s third edition of the beloved Brown Book includes forty never-before-published stories by members from around the world, the complete text of “Our Invitation to You”, the founder’s story, and a new foreword by an eating disorder treatment professional with a new appendix to help readers understand the importance of using the plan of eating Tool in finding abstinence. Softcover, 232 pages.