South Jersey Intergroup

The South Jersey Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous supports the OA 12-step recovery program from compulsive overeating in southern New Jersey. Comprised of meetings from Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, and Monmouth counties, SJIG’s primary purpose is to aid those with the problem of compulsive eating and to serve and represent the OA meetings from which the organization is formed.

South Jersey Intergroup meets once a month, typically on the first or second Saturday, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Route 70 in Marlton. See the Events section for the exact dates. All area meetings and members are strongly encouraged to become active participants in helping the Intergroup carry out its mission. The Intergroup offers support and resources to local meetings and members. SJIG maintains a website, a monthly newsletter (The Stepping Stone), a meeting directory and a telephone hotline. The group provides speakers and sponsors lists and educates healthcare and other professionals about the Overeaters Anonymous program of recovery. The Intergroup also organizes retreats, marathons, social events and other special activities.

In addition to its responsibilities to local meetings and members, SJIG also participates in OA governance at the regional and national levels.

South Jersey Intergroup welcomes your participation, feedback, and questions.


Intergroup Bylaws (PDF)   Intergroup Policy Manual (contact Chair)


SJIG Trusted Servants

Board Position Board Member Contact
Chairperson Bob L
Vice Chair  Open
Secretary Valerie H
Treasurer Elaine W
WSBC Rep 1 Open
WSBC Rep 2 Lesley M
Region 7 Rep 1 Lesley M
Region 7 Rep 2  Joy
Region 7 Rep (Chair) Open


Committee Position Chair Contact
Fundraiser Robin R
Program Ellen B
Registrar Joy B
Telephone Open
Website Rebecca A



The Twelve Concepts of OA Service


  • Concept One: Unity
    The ultimate responsibility and authority for OA world services reside in the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship.
  • Concept Two: Conscience
    The OA groups have delegated to the World Service Business Conference the active maintenance of our world services; thus, the World Service Business Conference is the voice, authority and effective conscience of OA as a whole.
  • Concept Three: Trust
    The right of decision, based on trust, makes effective leadership possible.
  • Concept Four: Equality
    The right of participation ensures equality of opportunity for all in the decision-making process.
  • Concept Five: Consideration
    Individuals have the right of appeal and petition in order to ensure that their opinions and personal grievances will be carefully considered.
  • Concept Six: Responsibility
    The World Service Business Conference has entrusted the Board of Trustees with the primary responsibility for the administration of Overeaters Anonymous.
  • Concept Seven: Balance
    The Board of Trustees has legal rights and responsibilities accorded to them by OA Bylaws, Subpart A; the rights and responsibilities of the World Service Business Conference are accorded to it by Tradition and by OA Bylaws, Subpart B.
  • Concept Eight: Delegation
    The Board of Trustees has delegated to its Executive Committee the responsibility to administer the OA World Service Office.
  • Concept Nine: Ability
    Able, trusted servants, together with sound and appropriate methods of choosing them, are indispensable for effective functioning at all service levels.
  • Concept Ten: Clarity
    Service responsibility is balanced by carefully defined service authority; therefore, duplication of efforts is avoided.
  • Concept Eleven: Humility
    Trustee administration of the World Service Office should always be assisted by the best standing committees, executives, staffs and consultants.
  • Concept Twelve: Guidelines: The spiritual foundation for OA service ensures that:
    (a) No OA committee or service body shall ever become the seat of perilous wealth or power;
    (b) Sufficient operating funds, plus an ample reserve, shall be OA’s prudent financial principle;
    (c) No OA member shall ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority;
    (d) All important decisions shall be reached by discussion, vote and, whenever possible, by substantial unanimity;
    (e) No service action shall ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public controversy; and
    (f) No OA service committee or service board shall ever perform acts of government, and each shall always remain democratic in thought and action.
Permission to use the Twelve Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous for adaptation granted by AA World Services, Inc.



Spiritual Principles in the Twelve Concepts

A spiritual principle is associated with each of the Twelve Concepts.

Concept One: Unity

Concept Two: Conscience

Concept Three: Trust

Concept Four: Equality

Concept Five: Consideration

Concept Six: Responsibility

Concept Seven: Balance

Concept Eight: Delegation

Concept Nine: Ability

Concept Ten: Clarity

Concept Eleven: Humility

Concept Twelve:

(a) Selflessness

(b) Realism

(c) Representation

(d) Dialogue

(e) Compassion

(f) Respect

(Reprinted with permission from the



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