The Sunday 5pm Step/Brownbook Meeting at Cherry Hill’s Kennedy Hospital is back at its usual location on the 5th Floor. ( Make a right off the elevator and go to the last room on the left).
Also, note, since the hospital has completed its major renovation there is ample parking either in the patient lot or parking garage, both of which can be entered from Cooper Landing Road. From either the parking lot or garage goes to the main reception area on the first floor and to the elevators around to the left.
This longstanding meeting offers great recovery
and needs support. 

Contact Jeff S. at 609-610-6193 with any questions.


Connecting with a Higher Power Journal Workshop

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1 Finding HP Flyer SJ 2017 R2  

New OA Big Book Meeting

Thursdays, 6pm-7pm
Trinity United Methodist Church Bordentown

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 Trinity United Methodist Church on 339 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown.

2017 Thanksgiving Meeting

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Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible. — OA Responsibility Pledge

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Change in Sunday Morning Meeting for RWJ Hospital, Hamilton Township

Hi Everyone, starting NEXT Sunday, April 2, 2017, the Sunday morning meeting at RWJ Hospital in Hamilton Township will be moved to a new location.

The Atrium Post Acute Care of Hamilton
3 Hamilton Health Plaza
Hamilton, NJ 08690

If you have any questions, Please contact Joann M. at:  609-240-7376  

Sunday Monthly Step 1 Meeting

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The Mercerville afternoon meetings 12:30pm-1:30pm 
New Meeting Schedule

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Contact: Chelsea H., Web Chair